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About us

Transformations Home Improvements is a WA-born and bred business.
We have decades of building, project management and problem-solving experience.
Our commitment is to quality design, workmanship and customer service.
We bring your renovation dreams to life!

Who we are

Find out more about us and our team.


Need more space in the kitchen? Struggling for room to move in the bathroom?
Transformation Home Improvements work with you and your vision
to create a new space for you and your family.
Don’t know where to start with home improvements?
We can assist with advice and designs to renovate
and utilise space effectively and cost efficiently.
We are your renovation dream team!

Nothing makes people happier than walking into a brand-new bathroom after years of staring at old grout and leaking taps. From completely rearranging the layout of that dysfunctional bathroom, to a practical renovation so that shower time isn’t a nightmare, bathrooms are our specialty.

Making the decision to renovate your bathroom can be both very exciting and nerve racking. Take advantage of the decades of experience we have and get us out to do a free quote. Even if you are not sure what you want, that is something we can help with.

Check out photos of some of the bathrooms our clients have loved.

How annoying is it trying to do the washing and ironing in that cupboard of a laundry? Laundries are the room in the house that can benefit most from space-saving ideas. But laundries don’t just need to be practical, they can be pretty too. Talk to us about what ideas we have to renovate your laundry.


Check out photos of some of the laundries our clients have loved.

We spend so much of our lives in the kitchen cooking for the family, or entertaining guests that the kitchen has really become a central part of our living these days. Why not make it a nice place to be? We can change the layout of your kitchen to make more use of your space, or completely change the layout of your house to create an open kitchen, serving window and butler’s pantry with all the trimmings – the choice is yours.

Kitchen renovations can be a bit of an upheaval to normal life but that is why we pride ourselves on a quick turnover and minimal days without a working kitchen.

Check out photos of some of the kitchens our clients have loved below.

Contact Transformations Home Improvements for maintenance items around your home.

Need someone to do a bit of maintenance around your place? We can do it.

  • Rejuvenation of shower recesses: holes in the gout, cracks in the tiles, or loose plumbing fittings can cause water to leak into the brickwork behind your shower and cause major problems. The best solution is a quick facelift of your shower. We will rip out all the old tiles and re-waterproof your shower area before re-tiling.
  • Leaking taps/shower heads: we can come and change your taps and showerheads to stop that water wastage.
  • Tile replacement: if you have a cracked or chipped tile, we can easily come and replace it for you without causing damage to the other tiles around it
  • Re-Siliconing: taps, benchtops, basins, vanities, mirrors…anything that isn’t sitting just where it should.

Whether your budget is a bit tight, or your bathroom just needs a bit of a pick-me-up or you’re getting ready to sell/rent, there are heaps of things we can do to your house, to give it a much-needed facelift. Changing out the shower screen, vanity and fixings are effortless ways to make your bathroom look years younger. Or if your shower is the worst part of the bathroom, we can re-tile just the shower area – you’d be surprised how much of a difference this makes. Ask us about other great ways to work with a tight budget


We love to share the work we do.
Our clients are happy for us to show off the magical transformations we create.
Check out our Portfolio of bathroom, laundry, kitchen and other renovation projects.


Pictures say a thousand words when it comes to the work we do. Sometimes the process to create that magic involves creative problem solving and unexpected findings – good and not so good. Check out our transformation stories here.
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